Behind The Scenes…

Before any performance; before the actors step on stage; before the lights go up, and the curtain rises, there is a tremendous amount of work that goes into making every show happen. So often, the audience only sees the actors on stage, but it takes a team of people to make any show run efficiently and enjoyably.

Positions in the theater can include, but are not limited to:


The Director has a unique idea of the overall image they want to create. The Director is responsible for guiding the cast and crew, ensuring everyone is putting their best foot forward to make a collaborative piece of art.


The Producer, in simplest terms, is in charge of supervising the entire production, from rehearsals to opening and closing nights. If the Director is guiding the team, the Producer is the overall boss.

Stage Manager

The Stage Manager acts as the glue during the production. Their responsibilities include: creating rehearsal schedules, communicating with the director, lighting and sound booth and actors behind the scenes, making properties (“props”) available to the actors and making sure productions go off without a hitch.

Costume Designer

The Costume Designer is responsible for making sure all items the actors wear are indeed worn by the actor. Their job requires research for the time period of the play, pulling costumes they own, may borrow and even the purchasing of costume pieces, such as hats, gloves, coats, shirts, etc.

Set Designer

The Set Designer visually creates the play’s world, bringing it to life from script to stage. Set Designers are responsible for creating the scenery, a huge part of the story telling in any production.

Lighting Designer

The Lighting Designer splashes the stage with light. The Lighting Designer not only makes sure the actors aren’t in darkness, they are responsible for hanging lights, setting cues and collaborating with the Director to get the desired stage image.

The bigger the production, the more crew may be needed. Each of these team members often have teams of crew members underneath them as well. A production could have an entire lighting crew, sound crew, seamstress, assistant directors, stage crew, etc.

It’s safe to say every job in the theater takes hard work. The most important thing to remember is: no show happens by one party alone. Productions are a team effort, and require dedication and collaboration from each individual member.

We want to give a shout out to all our directors, scenic designers, stage crew, costumers, staff and families for their unending support to our actors.

Photo courtesy of Sabine Lange


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